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Note: All meet times displayed are Warm-Up times. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to Warm-Up.



Cost of Summer League is $340 - This includes all meet entry fees & administration fee for the season.
**Current STAC long course team members- discounted rate of $180, including all meet entry fees &
administration fee for the season.

Summer Season: May 28 - July 31
Registration Deadline: June 1, 2019

Tryouts & Practices are held at

Tryouts*** begin at 5:00PM on:

  • Thursday May 23

*** Arrive at least 15 minutes before the tryout begins to fill out necessary paperwork.

Coaching Staff

Our Goal Is Simple:
Improvement & Fun!

Coach BG

Coach B.G.

Involved with aquatics for more than 30 years in the state of New Jersey, Brian Greene understands every aspect of swimming, from learn-to-swim programs to developing YMCA National Champions. Starting Streamline Aquatics Club and owning his own company had been a dream of his for many years. Brian is excited to share his passion and love of the sport of swimming with people of all ages and skills levels.

Coach Kiera

Coach Kiera

Hi, my name is Kiera Carmody. I am a Sophomore at The University of Scranton. I am majoring in occupational therapy with a minor in counseling. I started swimming at the age of five for Glen Ridge pool club. I competitively swam for thirteen years for SVY. I was on the Bridgewater-Raritan swim team all four years and was one of the captains my senior year. I now play lacrosse at The University of Scranton. I look forward to getting to know everyone this summer as your head coach!

Practice Schedule

Today's Practices*

Practice Schedule: May 28 - June 23


9 & Under – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5:00-6:10pm
10 & Up – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6:05-7:15pm

Practice Schedule: June 24 - July 29


10 & Under – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6:00pm-7:15pm
11 & Older – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6:45pm-8:00pm

*All practices take place at Raritan Valley Community College.
Please Arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to practice. Swimmers need to be in the building and ready to enter the water on time.
Last Day of Practice is July 29, 2019.

Meets 2019

NOTE: All home meets are at Raritan Valley Community College
Swimmers Are Expected to be on Deck 10 Minutes Prior to the Start of Warm-Up




Qualifying Times

NOTE: All home meets are at Raritan Valley Community College
Swimmers Are Expected to be on Deck 10 Minutes Prior to the Start of Warm-Up

2019 Tryout Information

Summer Season: May 28 - July 31, 2019
Registration Deadline: June 1, 2019

Tryouts & Practices are held at
Raritan Valley Community College
Tryouts*** begin at 5:00PM on:

  • Thursday May 23

*** Arrive at least 15 minutes before the tryout begins to fill out necessary paperwork.


Cost of Summer League is $340 - This includes all meet entry fees & administration fee for the season.
**Current STAC long course team members- discounted rate of $180. This includes all meet entry fees & administration fee for the season.

Sign Out / Scratch Procedure

Please be aware that swimmers are committed to participating in all dual meets unless they sign out.
To SIGN OUT, send your Head Summer League Coach,

Kiera Carmody,

an email 3 days prior to the meet.
If you find that you cannot attend a meet after the sign out is due,
you must email her with your last minute emergency scratch so she knows you will not be attending.

Meet Directions

Below are the addresses and phone numbers of the clubs we will be competing with this summer. Each club name is a link which will open a new tab with a google map where you may enter your address for exact directions. All meet times displayed are warm up times.
Please remember to arrive at your destination 10 minutes prior to the warm up time.
at RVCC: allow 10 minutes to walk to the Physical Education Building and prepare to swim, thus we may begin on time!

STAC hosts our tryouts, practices & home meets at:

Raritan Valley Community College
Physical Education Building

118 Lamington Rd.
Branchburg Twnsp., NJ 08876
6 lanes 25 yards
908-526-1200 College Main Desk
Park in lot 2 & use the stairs/path between the West Building and the Theater
Pool is located on the second floor

Bridgewater JCC

775 Talamini Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
6 lanes 25 meters

Brookside Swim Club

Washington Ave.
Milltown, NJ 08850
(located behind the police station)
8 lanes 25 yards


401 Centennial Ave.
Cranford, NJ 07016
(indoor pool) 6 lanes 25 yards

Cedar Hill

156 Cedar Grove Ln.
Somerset, NJ 08817
6 lanes 25 yards

Edison Community Pool

375 Old Post Rd.
Edison, NJ 08816
(Elks Lodge) 4 lanes 23.4 yards
Multiply time by 1.07 to convert to 25 yards

Frog Hollow

337 Ferris St.
South Amboy, NJ 08879
6 Lanes 25 yards

Hillsborough YMCA

19 East Mountain Rd.
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
6 lanes 25 yards

Middlesex Pool

Market St.
Middlesex, NJ 08846
6 lanes 25 yards

Monmouth Heights

1 Ryan Rd.
Manalapan Township, NJ 07726
6 lanes 25 meters

North Brunswick HS

98 Raider Rd,.
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
6 lanes 25 yards

Raritan Valley Country Club

747 NJ-28
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
6 lanes 25 meters

Roycefield Swim Club

New Amwell Rd.
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
8 lanes 25 yards

Somerset Hills

19 Arthur Rd.
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
5 lanes 25 yards

South Plainfield

1250 Maple Ave.
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
6 lanes 27.6 meters
multiply by 0.829 converts to 25 yards

University Pool

100 Sutphen Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Rutgers University (park in lot 48)
6 lanes 25 yards


22 Sand Hill Rd.
Kendall Park, NJ 08824
6 lanes 25 meters

Woodbridge Sea Wolves

Woodbridge Community Center

600 Main St.
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
6 lanes 25 yards

Family Volunteer Policy

We have developed a point system to encourage all families to do their share to help our team be successful.

We require all families to complete 4 volunteer points for each swimmer, + 1 for each additional swimmer. The points must be earned by the end of the summer season and there will be no point carry over from season to season.

Everyone will have ample opportunity to earn their points. Only family members 18 years or older are able to sign up for the jobs to fulfill the point requirement. Anyone that doesn't want to work their share has the option to pay $400 before the season begins. Any unpaid points will be accessed at $100 per point and will be charged to your account at the end of the short course season.

Job Signup will be opened under the Events tab with each meet and event that require volunteers.

Point donation is permitted. If a fellow STAC family is willing to help you achieve your point commitment, it will be accepted. The person working on your family’s behalf must inform the Meet Coordinator or Event Coordinator which family they are working for or you will not get credit for the points earned.

Point Opportunities:

  • Swim Official: 2 points for each meet worked.
  • Meet Coordinator: 1.5 points for each meet worked.
  • Meet Timer: 1 point for each meet worked.
  • Meet Scorer: 1 point for each meet worked.
  • Meet Floater .5 point for each meet worked (Not assigned a job but willing to be at the meet and fill in if needed. Must attend timers meeting at the beginning of the meet’s session.)
  • Activity/Social Event: .5-1 point for each completed job.
  • Fundraising: .5-1 point for each completed job.
  • Banquet: .5-1 point for each completed job.
  • Create Your Own Job: If you see a need, please don’t hesitate to step up and volunteer. Contact to determine if your job fills a need for the team and can earn .5-1 point.

Timing Policy:

We will open our Job Signup for timers under Events prior to meets for people to volunteer. Final timing assignments will not be confirmed by our Coordinator until we get our assignments from the hosting team only days before the meet.

On the day of the meet all timers must check in with the STAC Timing Coordinator and attend the timers meeting before the session begins regardless of whether you have timed in the past or which half you are timing. This is your opportunity to coordinate the “hand off” with the other timer assigned to your lane. If you are timing for another family, please let the Timing Coordinator know who you are timing for.

If all of our timing positions are not filled with volunteers, we will assign the job to families that have an athlete swimming in the session. You will have to find a replacement if you cannot time yourself. If you cannot find a replacement, you are obligated to complete the timing assignment yourself.

If you are assigned to time, but do not show up, you will be assessed $100 for the unearned point after the meet.

People Unable to Time:

If you have a medical reason that you cannot time, we ask that you declare this to us before the season begins. We will help you find other volunteer jobs that will help the team and earn points to fulfill the family requirement.


Officials are required to to be certified to officiate at meets. To receive certification, volunteers must attend a summer clinic to officiate at summer meets in the New Jersey Swimming and Diving Conference. As clinic Dates become available, they will be listed on this page and on the Calendar page too!

More information on Officiating may be found on the Conference Webiste:

Officials Clinics

Coach's Letter

Job Descriptions

Announcer (1 Point): Responsible for making any announcements during the meet required by the Meet Coordinator or Referee.

Backup Timer (1 Point): Responsible to stand on either side of the pool and start their stop watch at the beginning of every race. In the event a timer fails to start their watch on time or has other technical difficulties, the back up timer will step into their place and record the swimmer’s time.

Concessions (1 Point): Sells concessions during the meet. Helps set up and tear down concession stand.

Floaters (.5 Point): Floaters do not have any one job assigned to them. They are responsible to check in with the Meet Coordinator at the start of the meet for an assignment, this could include providing breaks for other job positions (e.g. timers, concession, etc.).

Head Timer (1.5 Point): Organizes and briefs the Lane Timers on their duties prior to the meet and is in charge of the lane timers throughout the meet. They ensure all timers have checked in, understand their timing assignment, and know the meeting place and time of the timers meeting. (previous timing experience recommended)

Heat Winners (1 Point): Where applicable, responsible to hand out candy or a small prize to heat winners. This individual will watch every race and look for the 1st place touch to award the swimmer. In the event the race appears to be a tie, candy/prize will be handed out to both swimmers. Note: in some cases there may be “hot” heats, these are heats where music is played after the start. Hot heats generally receive different prizes than standard heats.

Hot Heats (1 Point): Where applicable, this person will play pre-determined songs during designated heats throughout a meet. The song is played directly after the start of a race that is determined a hot heat and ends when the last swimmer of the heat hits the wall.

Marshall (1 Point): Responsible for lining up the swimmers by event, heat, and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time.

Officials (2 Points): May be USA Swimming certified. Or may be New Jersey Swimming & Diving Conference certified. All officials must certified AND attend a conference meeting annually to be able to officiate in a summer meet.

Photographer (1 Point): Responsible to take photos of athletes or moments of the event for the purpose of sharing with the team. No flash photography at the start of any race. Photos may NOT be taken with a phone camera.

Ribbon Writer (1 Point): Writes names/times on 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons as well as participation ribbons during dual meets.

Runner (1 Point): Delivers results from timers to scoring table. No training required. Wear sneakers. This job keeps you moving around at the poolside and the time passes quickly.

Timers (1 Point): Records the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are generally two or three timers for each lane. All times are recorded. This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races.

Team Calendar